Friday, January 8, 2010

Another late night, another new venture

I guess I am doomed to a life of tired-ness, being that I am most productive between 10pm - 12am every night. Last night, being no exception, I had to finish an additional "embellishment" to a baby blanket I am working on for a friend's baby shower... this weekend. (I've been slowly working on the blanket for the past 2 months). The embellishment is a personalize label that I wanted to embroider. No matter that I've never embroidered before in my life, right?! And that the material I planned to embroider on was pretty stretch, non-cotton... not the best fabric for beginners. So anyway, I got down to it after referencing a book, and I think it turned out pretty good. The baby's initials are MZ and the blanket and material is Minkee (or cuddle soft fabric) by Shannon Fabrics. I absolutely LOVE all their fun colors and crazy prints... there's definitely something for everyone. Just an insider's note: Craft Warehouse will be having a sale on Minkee fabric come February... $13 per yard if you can wait that long! Plus there's lots of kits for blankets there too to make something like mine (I'll post pics once I've sewn on the label).

Yesterday Corey and I made our favorite dinner ever: homemade pizza. I make the dough from scratch in my Kitchenaid Mixer (basically yeast, water, a bit of sugar, flour, salt and olive oil) and then we load it up with tasty ingredients! Our pizza always has artichoke hearts, tomatoes, olives, garlic, mushrooms and lots o' cheese. We used to make it on a cookie sheet, but we got a nice airbake pizza pan from our wedding registry that works great! We topped it with fresh tomatoes and green onions, mmmmm!

Right now in my other life as a knitter, I decided to attempt the IntSweMoDo2010, which stands for International Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon. I'm taking part in this group (which consists of about 800+ other dedicated members) on Ravelry... I thought it would be good motivation to keep my knitting mojo going and really push me to finish a sweater project every month. Plus, as I realized yesterday, it will take a bit of pre-planning of what exactly I'm going to make each month, which is a step up from my usual queue and dream about it. I'm currently working on the Plath Cropped Cardigan for January, which in the end, will hopefully look something like this. My next project will probably be The Betty Minisweater , which has an interesting stitch pattern and only 2 skeins of yarn for the project in my size. Yahoo!

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  1. How fun is this!?!? :) Man, that pizza looks great as do all your craft ideas. :) You are so cute all homey and domestic! :)