Monday, January 18, 2010

Tired... and it's Sunday.

Yes, I am starting out the week tired by staying awake long past when I know I should head for bed. I just have too much to do and not enough time to do it at my casual-leisurely pace! Part of the weekend was spent with Corey and I chatting about our upcoming house projects that will become a reality sooner than later (wahoo!). Corey started our taxes this weekend and we were making a wish list of what to spend our return on... right now it's heading for new granite countertops and hopefully enough leftover for a new fridge. I can't wait! Our kitchen will look so different with the stark contrast of dark granite and white cabinets; along with my avocado green walls and tangerine details. Wow, I better post a picture of the said kitchen in it's before (and then after) state so people can see how all this craziness works and not try to visualize it.

I put down my Plath cropped cardi knit project (I'm to the sleeves part, ugh) and started a new knit project... I've been itching to do this since I got my new Harmony needles. I started the Something Red cardigan, except mine will be a nice plum purple color. I've had the yarn for this project for well over a year now and it's just been waiting patiently for me to find the perfect project for it. I think this is it! My gauge was perfect after swatching so I dove right in last night and am already have a lot done. I guess this will be my February sweater of the month, although I'm nervous as I have A LOT of 100% wool yarn to use for future projects. This will not be happy times come warmer temps... think sweaty fingers (ugh) working unwillingly toward a project you can't wear until fall (double ugh!). So I better start planning out my projects a little more according to season or else!

I also purchased a sewing pattern from Etsy on how to make a needle storage case. After reviewing the 20+ pages, I remembered I had some great fabric I bought on sale and without a project in mind a long time ago... perfect! Gotta use that stash! So I started this project with a little nervous hesitation, but so far so good. I need to buy a zipper (gasp!) for the next part and I've never sewn a zipper before in my life, so this should be interesting. Updates will be coming...

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