Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend o' crafty-ness

Wow that was a busy weekend. I kept thinking, I need to write my post about how busy I am, but I was too busy. Go figure. I taped 2 TV segments today for work and they were both on sewing projects. Sewing when on a deadline kind of sucks! I just kept pressing my pedal to the metal (literally) to get them done on time. One project I made I absolutely LOVE and is the first TV segment project that I'm actually keeping.
I sewed cafe-style curtains for our kitchen in a bright tangerine color (matches my Kitchenaid mixer!) and used oversized black grommets along the top, so cute! Now I just need some blinds for this window and to finish the other side, then I'm good. I love bright colors!

Allison's shower went well and she loved her gifts, which made me very happy! I was so nervous about giving 'handmade' gifts... I knew she (of all people) would appreciate them as she's pretty crafty herself, but still, you never know and most people don't realize that creating a gift is usually much more expensive and time-consuming than just getting a store-bought present. I was excited when my blanket got passed around to everyone to feel the softness and the sweater was questioned if it was store-bought (that's a good sign if you knit it yourself, FYI!).

I've really dived in to the 'get organized' mode the last few weeks; we've done our bedroom closet (sooo much better now!) and we've been working on our office/craft room. I am subscribed to emails from BHG (Better Homes & Gardens) and received an email today that I found totally motivating. I fell in love with this peg wall idea:

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