Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{almost} completed project in a night!

Last night I came home after my soccer game and decided to make the most out of the rest of the night... I drew out my pattern pieces for the boxer shorts in the "One Yard Wonder" Book I was raving about last week. Then I cut the fabric out. Then I had a huge brainfart as I tried to figure out how to reverse the pieces onto themselves in order to sew them together (in swoops the always accommodating husband... he figured it out and then looked at me like I was crazy... which I am.). Sewed the side seams. Then I got stuck. the book diagram doesn't really define what the crotch seam and inner leg seams are, so I sat there scratching my head for about 10 minutes. Then I came up with a brilliant idea to just pin the seams I thought were correct and see how it would work out in the end... as you've probably guessed, I'm not so good at visualizing the process.And WOW, I'm glad I did this. I would have sewn both legs separate from each other, making 2 legwarmer or chap-like project, which would have equaled a very unhappy rest of the night spent ripping the seams. Anyhoo, I learned a valuable lesson on making sure I totally understand the process before doing it! I thought the overall construction method of the shorts was kind of cool and I would have never guessed that that's how shorts or pants are sewn together!

This week I'm also trying to plan our Valentine's Dinner menu... instead of fighting crowds and paying ridiculous special menu pricing on V-Day, we've decided to stay in and cook up dinner ourselves and then rent a movie or go see a movie. This isn't any ol' dinner though... I'm talking about delish dishes that we wouldn't normally make! Right now I'm thinking king crab legs (they have these at Costco!) with hot butter, side salad, sauteed brussel sprouts with bacon and apple, sweet potato skins and a homemade boston cream pie for dessert. MMMM! We'll be celebrating on Saturday too, so we'll have all day to prep and then enjoy.

We're also starting to get ideas on what to do with our coming soon laundry room renovation.We decided to wait at least until the weather gets warmer to start this one since we'll be knocking down internal walls between the house and the garage. I'm so looking forward to having an actual laundry room; right now it's a laundry closet. Here's an idea we found at that we loved, and it's designed for small spaces!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreaming is better than doing... ?

Sometimes I think it's more fun to dream about all the amazing craft projects I would like to get around doing... I find myself doing this more and more often, which fuels my obsession to scour for all things crafty. At the moment, I have approximately 9-10 sewing projects, 2 sweaters on my knitting needles (with yarn and patterns for at least 6 more waiting in the wings); plus I also have a home dec project using Ikea wood-framed mirrors and scrapbook paper. But it's more exciting right now to just think of all the cool stuff I'm going to make! I'm hoping that by building up the intensity of desire to make all things cool, it will eventually create a lift-off for my motivation to get DOING.

Speaking of dreaming, I'm excited to purchase a book this week called "One Yard Wonders". It seems I'm the last one to discover this gem of a book... several of my crafty friends already own it and know which projects are on their to-do lists. But the concept is undeniably a brilliant one! I don't know how many times I've visited a fabric store or wandered through the the fabric department and picked up at least 3 or 4 bolts of amazingly-designed fabric. Being the sensible me, I usually don't buy at random unless I have a project in mind, especially when it comes to fabric as sewing projects as you need a very specific amount of fabric for any given project! So now with the fantastic projects in this book, I can now justify buying random 1 yard cuts of anything that catches my eye... hmm... maybe this isn't such a good idea!? Last night my good friend Dena and I had a fabric date and I bought 3 yards of so-cute-it-makes-you-want-to-squeal fabric. Yes, I do not own this book YET, but I already have projects lined up from it. I'm planning on creating oh-so-cute sleepwear: boxers and cami tanks. Not to mention I absolutely love the dress on the front cover for summertime... maybe I need to buy more fabric. LOL