Thursday, March 11, 2010

the Reading Rainbow

Wow. I just can't get enough reading in... it's a page-turning addiction I can't overcome (not that I really want to!). Reading is all I've been doing the last few weeks. Reading non-stop in all my spare time comes with consequences though; all craft/house/cleaning/other concerns are put on the back burner until I get to that final page of whatever novel I have in hand. So no updates about crazy crafty antics... just nods while I dreamily wonder what so-and-so character would be doing right now or what they're going to do in their next book adventure.
I feel lucky because I haven't really picked up a bad novel yet. Out of 10 books I've read since October (not bad for less than 5 months!), only 1 of them (Wicked) I struggled through. I would probably have stopped reading it halfway through, but I was determined to finish just to say I read the whole thing. It seems once I finish a really compelling novel, I can't help but research it a little more beyond the basic story; I want to know more about the author and how the story was conceived.
Anyway, until I can put my book down, my house will remain dirty and crazy and my projects will remain unfinished. :)