Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain, rain, rain with a sprinkle of thunder and lightning

It's June and it still feels a bit like February or March outside. I guess we've had more rain in the last week for June this year than we had in all of June last year! Wow! I guess it's nice because we won't have to turn the sprinklers on for quite a while in our yard, saving on the water bill at least. The funny thing with rain is... I kinda LIKE it. I guess that makes me a bona fide Oregonian/Washingtonian. There's just something about watching a really good downpour that is as satisfying as riding with the windows down on a sunny day. There's also the other aspect about the rain that I love; it gives you the perfect excuse to hunker down and get cozy. Whether that means cooking something tasty in the kitchen, sitting on the couch reading a good book or crafting away while watching the water drench everything in sight... it just feels right. Maybe it's because you can't feel guilty for sitting inside on such a bleary day, whereas if the sun was shining, you would be obligated to get out of the house and enjoy it.
Don't tell anybody else I said this, but the rain (with a few sunny days mixed in for good measure) can keep coming... I've got a mountain of projects building up! I just ordered and received 2 new books that I can't wait to create some fun projects out of. The first book is brand new, hot off the press from Anna Maria Horner, sewing queen extraordinaire. There are lots of projects I am digging in this book, from super cute slippers for Mom to the cute booties featured on the front page (gorgeous fabrics shown too, so that always helps). I figure I have so many friends who are varying stages of babyhood (and someday I would like to be too!) that this book will come in handy.
Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little OnesI also picked up a copy of Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones, which is by another 'ruler' of the sewing world. I first discovered how amazingly simple Amy Butler's instructions were when creating handbags for my bridesmaids for the wedding and have been interested in trying out some other patterns of hers ever since. Again, so many cute projects created in stunning fabric that I am excited just looking at the pictures!
Last night I also re-taught myself knitting... which I honestly can say now that I didn't ever really forget in the first place. I was a little confused on what hand held what needle and yarn since I re-taught myself recently to do right-handed continental knitting. But once I got the hand placement right, the movement came right back to me and I can easily do it with my eyes shut (well almost, I'm not that good!) So I started a fun project that has me finally using my Cascade 220 stash. It's funny because I'll buy a random assortment of skeins/hanks only to later discover I need more or less of each color selection... this fact paralyzes me to not ever use it, so I've decided to break all my weird little rules and just start knitting. Nevermind the fact that I am using a brown yarn I intended for fitted vest for me, or that the aqua blue I'm going to use to stripe the cardi is taking away from my aqua sweater for myself I'll probably never make. haha.

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