Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time flies

Where does the time go! I honestly don't know. Just figuring I'd update my blog with something... anything at this point. I jut finished two great projects; a baby-sized quilt playpad (some of the better sewing I've ever done), and a striped baby sweater (some of the better knitting I've ever done, plus with TWO colors, wow!). These projects were both finished "on deadline"... meaning I procrastinated until the last minute (literally, I was sewing on buttons on the sweater with less than 2 minutes to head out the door for the shower!). It stressed me out, but actually helped me get projects done that might have dragged on for eternity, like most other projects. I've got to keep that in mind for future motivation techniques! I really should get going on making some holiday gifts... that would be a great deadline!

I also figured out how to blind hem and am SO proud of myself for being able to legitimately hem my own pants... first time ever! That's kind of a sad statement, considering 90% of the pants I wear need or should be altered lengthwise. Right before I started my new job, I took 7 pairs of pants in to be hemmed and it cost me about $50, which isn't bad, but now I can do some of that hemming myself.